Monday, March 4, 2013

IZWebFileManager got better!

Today I released a new build of IZWebFileManager - v2.8.0.

This is a new minor release, but it includes a major changes.

First of all, I dropped IE7 support. Previous version 2.7.2 works in IE7, and you may stick with it if you really need IE7 support.

A new "supper" feature has been added  - Select Folder dialog. When you copy or move selected item, then  Select Folder dialog is open to allow you to pick up a destination.

In additional, there are many new properties were added to support look and feel customization:

  • SelectedItemBackColor
  • SelectedItemForeColor 
  • SelectedItemBorderColor 
  • SelectFolderTreeStyle
  • DetailsColumnHeaderStyle 
  • DetailsSortedColumnStyle 
  • DynamicMenuStyle 
  • TextBoxStyle 
Demo project contains samples of using of them.

You can download this new build from project's page.